Baby Bottle Boomerang

Host a baby bottle drive at your church, workplace, or school. Hope will provide you with everything you need for this fun and easy fundraising event. Simply pass baby bottles out to participants to be brought to their homes, filled with cash or checks, and returned!

Diaper Drive

Help families with their diapering needs by hosting a Diaper Drive at your church, workplace, or school! Just place a collection box at a central location, let everyone know about the event taking place, and let the diapers flow in. The drive can also be done as a friendly competition between classrooms or office groups. Have fun with it!

Gift Giving Tree

This fundraiser can take place around Christmas, Mother’s Day, or Easter. A tree is placed in a central location at a church, workplace, or school decorated with gift tabs that list specific items that families at Hope are in need of. These items range from small items like pacifiers to larger items like car seats. Participants can choose a gift tag, purchase the requested item, and return it to a bin set up next to the Giving Tree. These gifts will then be given to babies and their families!