Redirect Your Tax Dollars

By providing free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, maternity clothes, and baby items, Hope PRC helps those facing unplanned pregnancies by providing the necessary resources so that they can be empowered to choose life for their babies.

  • When you contribute to Hope PRC, you can receive a dollar-for-dollar AZ tax credit up to $400 (single/head of household filers) or $800 (married filing jointly).
  • You may participate in this tax credit AND the school / private school credit. They are separate tax credit programs.
  • Donate before April 15, 2024 to take advantage of the AZ Qualifying Charitable Organizations Tax.
  • Hope PRC's Qualifying Charitable Code number is #20592. This number must be included on your AZ Income Tax Return with the Form 321.

Contributions made by check can be mailed to:

Hope Pregnancy Resource Center
PO Box 31317
Flagstaff AZ 86003

Thank you for remembering Hope PRC for your end of the year giving!